Questions During Covid-19

How big can my party be?

Your party can be up to 8 people.

Are you still doing curbside and deliveries?

Yes, you can order for curbside pick-up and deliveries on our website at any time. Orders can be picked up Wednesday through Sunday. Deliveries take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

What do I do if there's a wait when I arrive?

It is important to practice social distancing and we are not permitted to have groups of people waiting on the premises which makes it more difficult to remain 6 ft away from others. Wait in your car or at a safe distance until you have received an email or call alerting you that there is a table ready for you. You can also make a table reservation in advance to reduce or eliminate the need to wait for a table.

Are you taking reservations?

Yes, we are taking reservations to help limit the amount of traffic coming at a time. Reservations for 5+ people are strongly advised for weekends. We will take walk-ins when there is space. Reservations can be made at this link.

Am I able to bring kids and/or dogs?

Well behaved dogs are allowed in our outdoor beer garden and front patio. Kids are allowed but must stay at your table at all times and must be wearing masks if over 2 years old. Our taproom board games are currently not available for use. So use your dicretion on whether you believe your child(ren) will be able to adhere to the Covid-19 strict outdoor seating policies. While we are restricted to 25% maximum capacity for inside seating, dogs and kids may be restricted to our slower days or time periods, such as week days.

Do you have parking?

Since our outdoor beer garden is taking up a portion of our parking lot, we have limited parking in our lot. You may need to find parking spots on nearby streets. During the winter our outdoor seating is on our front patio which frees up some parking spaces in our lot, for customers.

Do I have to wear my mask at all times?

You can remove your mask while seated at your table with a drink or food. If you are in a public space, standing or going in the brewery to use the rest room your mask must stay on.

Can we still play with the wonderful games that you have?

Unfortunately, we are putting the games away during this time to help slow down the rate of Covid-19 infections. You are more than welcome to bring your own though.

Can I still bring in food?

Yes! We are allowing outside food to be brought into both our inside and outdoor areas. Please be a big help and remove your garbage before leaving your table and remember to request utensils and napkins if ordering in food.