Executive Management & Coaching

We work with business owners and leaders to maximize their individual performance and the performance of their team. Our focus is on developing strong and effective corporate cultures through effective leadership.

Strategic Planning

By working closely with the management team, we assess current processes, analyze business and industry trends, establish key performance indicators (KPI’s), determine available resources, and provide the organizational structure needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

Management Team Building

Organizational success and innovation occurs most often through collaboration. Companies increase their creativity and profitability by building cohesive and collaborative management teams. Our philosophy is to build highly effective teams through focusing them on how to improve their work processes, develop collaborative strategic visions, and work together as servant leaders to achieve shared organizational goals and deliver bottom line results.

Brand Building

FMS works with its’ clients in the creation, building and management of brands. We are focused on brand positioning and strategy, as well as brand awareness and internal learning and development to build a brand that reaches into both current and new and emerging markets.

Corporate Finance

Financial stability is the foundation for a successful business. We work closely with the business owner and their team to ensure fiscal responsibility. We have the financial experience and resources to help manage this most critical area. In addition, we have partnered with industry leading CPA firms both on a regional and national level to provide the additional support when required.

Sales & Marketing

Providing a customer-centric approach for designing and reviewing the customer acquisition and retention process. Our approach will help grow sales by having a process that is predictable, scalable, optimized and efficient while ensuring that Marketing is correctly aligned with Sales, and directly focused on lead generation, conversion, and retention.

Supply Chain & Transportation Logistics

We leverage our extensive industry experience and knowledge, as well as the best technology in the industry to handle all of your transportation and shipping needs. We are partnered with the leading national and regional providers to maximize efficiencies.


Improve process efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs by implementing best practices, formal staff training, streamlining major workflows, and managing and measuring performance to increase productivity.

Human Resource Assessment / Development

Staff and processes must be coordinated and integrated effectively for success. We utilize assessment tools to provide data for measuring potential, personality characteristics, individual motivations, behaviors, and job-related progress. These assessments help our clients predict, develop, hire and motivate staff, and effectively build a corporate culture of high performing teams throughout the organization.

Performance Management

From targeted solutions that yield an immediate impact to broad transformation programs that redefine how work gets done, FMS can help you take every function within your company to new levels of performance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We are partnered with “best in class” M & A firms to handle businesses of all sizes for either the buy or sell side of the transaction. Our client-centric approach promotes a partnership based on integrity, confidentiality, professionalism and experience. This partnership allows us to focus on your objectives and create a plan to help you achieve those goals.

Wealth Management

We are partnered with the best financial advisors both on a regional and national level to ensure our clients have access to full-service financial firms committed to assisting them in the pursuit of their financial goals. These partners offer a wide range of financial products and services for both individuals and business owners.

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