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Salute to Hip-Hop

About Awesome 2: The Awesome 2 has been spinning hip-hop tunes for over 40 years. The duo is based in New Jersey, starting their Hip-Hop spining journey on 105.9 WHBI since during the very emergence of hip-hop. The Awesome 2 are not only known for their radio show but also for their multi media & production company “Awesome Entertainment”, boast projects that include music production, management brand development, lifestyle marketing, television film & video production, domestic/international events & concerts, as well as consultancy. The Awesome 2 have the longest running Hip-Hop show in the world and are inductees to the Paley Center (Museum of Television & Radio). Their clients include Queen Latifah, HBO, American Music Awards, and the NFL. They have also played at the World Cup French Victory Celebration at the Eiffel Tower to 1.3 million guests.

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Awesome 2 have the longest running Hip-Hop show in the world and are inductees to the prestigous Paley Center (Museum of Television & Radio). Their accomplishments, respect among their peers and the faithful fan base has cemented their popularity in the music industry. With over 40 years in an ever-changing industry, A2 continue to stand the test of time.

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50 Years of

“Hip-hop” is a subculture and art movement that emerged in New York City in the late 1970s. Young adults living in NYC began to have block parties, using music as an outlet to deal with economic disparities and racial divides. Hip-hop quickly became a global phenomenon, changing music production forever and empowering the African-American and Puerto Rican youth.

There are 5 pillars/foundational elements of hip-hop, according to DJ Afrika Bambaataa of the hip hop collective,  Zulu Nation. Check them out (click to see more)!

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