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So what’s going on & when are you opening? 6/12/18

These are the questions all of us want answers to! The first question is easier to answer. Construction is moving along. Thankfully, Leo is a very handy, Jack-of-all-trades kind of guy who rolls up his sleeves everyday to help move things along. He’s also an acting project manager to the entire construction project, attempting to keep all the contractors on schedule. This is where one of our greatest challenges has been!

Our contractors are super busy with our project as well as others, so some pieces of this big puzzle have been moved around.


Unfortunately, we cannot get our state license until  we accomplish two things:

1. Our construction is completed and

2. We have our certificate of occupancy from the town.


Please continue to pray for us and/or send good vibes our way.  We can happily say that your efforts have been working  (yay!) since the Montclair Planning Board Revisions Committee approved our revised site plan earlier in the month. 

All of this leads to the next question, so when are you opening?  Hopefully you can understand why this question is not an easy one to answer. So, for now, just know we will open, when we open (which should be soon)!

Are there more volunteer events?

In the meantime, Leo and a handful of friends are working on building the furniture for the tasting room. The building (former long-time home to Poor Richard’s Furniture Refinishing) must be feeling a bit nostalgic with wood chips flying in the air and the smell of stain and polish. If you are the handy type and have some experience working with wood or a fast learner, sign up for the wood working volunteer list. We’ll let you know the dates that the “wood shop” will be open once you sign up.

Where are my Perks? 

The t-shirts are in! 

Glasses, growlers and hoodies are next…

We will create a perks disbursement schedule, so that all 200 of you don’t show up at the same time for your t-shirts and other perks! We were planning for this to take place once the construction has been completed, but we may move it up earlier if needed. Be on the lookout for further notice!

If you were one of the lucky donors who signed up for the Mixologist & Assistant Brewer Perk on our Indiegogo campaign, you can request a date & time slot at the link below. 

What’s Else is Brewing? 

While we’re waiting for construction to be completed, new beer flavors are being developed and tested. Some recent ones are Mango IPA, Passion Fruit Ale and a Maple Honey Ale. When we’re up and running, we plan on offering a variety of beer styles, including craft beer fan favorites plus mixing it up with some off-the-beaten-path flavors for more adventurous spirits. Our beer range will be from light to dark in color, hoppy to malty bitter to sweet, fruity to nutty and everything in between! We can’t wait to share this with all of you.

When are you opening? 5/10/18

This is a question we get a lot from those who are excited to visit the brewery. We're excited too! Due to the various layers involved including relying on busy contractors, getting timely building inspection dates and working on the site plan revisions given by the planning board, our opening date had to be pushed back. Once all of the construction is complete, we will let you know our proposed opening date. In the meantime, you can help us get the job done sooner by checking out our perks page and choosing the perk that best fits your budget. Thanks again for all of the support!

Homebrew Club 5/10/18

Are you a homebrewer who want to learn new brewing tips and share your passion and skills with other local homebrewers? Sign up now to join our homebrew club.Montclair Brewery is looking for experienced and enthusiastic homebrewers to participate. 

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